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EDR Hotel - Singles Questionnaire
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We are a Lifestyle Friendly, Couples Resort Hotel for members. We Do Allow a 'limited' number of approved single males and single females on our property based on successfully submitting this form and the number of members that are scheduled to attend an event. 

Please complete the questions below to be considered for attendance, and added to the guest list for our

next Ladies Night ! Thank you for your interest.

Have you been to EDR before?

Length of time in the Lifestyle? Enter one of these phrases that fits best. [ New to less than 3 years ]  [ 3 to 5 years ] [ 5 to 10 years ] or [ I'm a seasoned veteran].  

What is your age group?
Ever attended Hot Wife party before?
Are you friends with a couple arriving with a Couples Pass?
If you're a single male are you a Bull?

Thank you!

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